Nebraska Wind Energy Poll

A new poll finds 79% of Nebraska voters favor requiring large utilities to use renewable energy sources for at least 20% of electricity generated.

A newly released poll finds overwhelmingly favorable (94%) impressions of wind power among Nebraska voters and strong majority (79%) support for requiring large electric utilities to use renewable energy sources for at least 20% of the electricity they generate.

Support for a 20% renewable electricity standard extends across all demographic and geographic groups, showing that support for wind energy knows no geographic, political or demographic bounds. From Falls City to Scottsbluff, from Hartington to Imperial, rural and urban, Republican and Democrat, there is overwhelming support for wind energy and more than 3 to 1 support for a 20% renewable electricity standard.

Support among Nebraska voters for the 20% proposal is driven foremost by a concern over rising energy prices (important to 75%) and reducing our dependence on foreign oil (important to 73%). Ninety-one percent of Nebraska voters surveyed believe Nebraska should meet its electricity needs by using renewable energy such as wind power.

The poll results leave no doubt - the vast majority of Nebraskans recognize the economic importance of wind energy development for the entire state and that in rural Nebraska, in particular, there are tremendous economic opportunities for farmers, ranchers and rural communities in Nebraska playing a pivotal role in America's energy future.

Our Senators Ben Nelson and Mike Johanns will likely have the opportunity to vote this summer on legislation to establish a federal renewable electricity standard similar to the one Nebraskans expressed strong support for in this poll.

If you are among the 79% of Nebraskans who support a strong standard, please urge our Senators to support a requirement that large utilities get 20% of their electricity from wind and other renewable sources. You can contact Senator Johanns at (202) 224-4224 or online here and Senator Nelson at (202) 224-4224 or online here.

You can also help us spread the word about these results by forwarding this email to others that might be interested, posting about the results on your own website, Facebook or Twitter.

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