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If It Were Easy, Everyone Would Be Doing It

“If it were easy, everyone would be doing it.” That's what my father, Bill Greeley, a rancher from Imperial, Nebraska, had to say after blizzard Selene foiled his plans of swiftly transporting newly acquired cows home from the Ogallala Livestock Market.

The storm hit just as he left the sale barn, the trailer filled with pregnant cows. Bill had hoped to get the cattle home before the storm got worse. An hour and 30 minutes later, he had only made it 19 miles down the road to the small town of Grant.

Rural Rockstars: Greg and Kristy Parr Receive Prestigious Award

Greg and Kristy Parr of Norfolk, Nebraska, have been chosen as our Entrepreneur of the Year Award recipients. They were honored for their efforts to establish and grow their business Custom Sports, as well as their integrity and leadership.

The Entrepreneur Award is presented annually to those who best exemplify the entrepreneurial spirit that defines and is so crucial to the future prosperity of Nebraska’s rural communities.

Rural Rockstar: Matt Connealy Receives Citizenship Award

The Center for Rural Affairs has chosen Matt Connealy as our Citizenship awardee. Matt was honored at a special awards banquet in Columbus, Nebraska.

Matt and his wife Judy live near Decatur, Nebraska. Matt grew up in Decatur and has served in the Unicameral as a Nebraska Senator. He also ran for Congress, served as the Executive Director of the Nebraska Democratic Party, and worked for us as Major Gifts Coordinator. Matt now serves the people of Burt County on the County Board of Supervisors.


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