Weekly Column

Midwest Prime Real Estate for Wind

Wind energy is thriving, especially in the Midwest. Known for it’s huge agricultural potential, Midwestern states also have some of the best potential for wind power, making the region prime real estate for wind energy development. But one of the biggest roadblocks for wind energy is the ability to connect new energy sources to the electric grid.

Investing in Conservation Protects our Land and Water

The Conservation Stewardship Program rewards farmers and ranchers who protect our soil, water, and wildlife, providing benefits that extend beyond their farm or ranch gate.

The House Appropriations Committee will be voting on the Fiscal Year 2015 Appropriations bill this week that proposes cutting more than 1 million acres from the Conservation Stewardship Program, a reduction of $109 million in funding.

At a time when more farmers and ranchers need tools and resources to help them protect our land and water, we should be investing more in conservation, not less.

Rural America's Turn to Pave Way for Clean Energy Future

Last week, Clean Line Energy Partners received approval to move ahead with one of their new and innovative Great Plains transmission projects.

The Grain Belt Express is a transmission line that will carry wind energy from western Kansas to customers in Missouri, Illinois, and the eastern United States. Unlike other transmission projects, the Grain Belt Express sells transmission capacity directly to the customers that generate power, such as wind farms. This direct approach can help drive already low wind energy prices even lower.

Action on Climate Change Crucial

Climate Change is happening, human activity is the primary cause, and without action consequences will be dire. That’s the overarching message of the National Climate Assessment, released on May 7th. The message is far from new, but cause for concern is growing quickly. Evidence of climate change now appears in every region and impacts are visible in every state in the U.S.