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Recent posts by Juan Sandoval

Business Coaching, Training, and Lending Exceed Expectations

Business Coaching or Technical Assistance is a great tool for your business. You can evaluate your procedures, identify potential problems, plan in advance, or look for best practices. We can offer ongoing support to small business owners to make sure you are taking the right steps to build a stronger business, and handling it correctly and efficiently.

Hispanic Business Center Grows in Staff, Training, Loans

The past year has been a great one for the REAP Hispanic Business Center! Imelda Catalan began work in January 2013. Imelda specializes in working with startup and existing Hispanic businesses in Southeast Nebraska. Email her at to get acquainted.

Business education and networking Roundtables were held 10 times. These meetings boost morale as members troubleshoot their business challenges and learn from each other.

Hate it or Love it-Technology Is Part of Your Life

What does it mean to you to be behind on technology? This is one of multiple problems Hispanic business owners face every day. No doubt you have gone through many advances in technology the last few years. How many of you remember the Telex, typewriters, disk phones, overhead projectors, and big computers that took half your desk?

Growing to Serve Nebraska’s Ambitious Hispanic Entrepreneurs

When the Hispanic Business Center started in 2005, we knew REAP services would be of value. Hispanic entrepreneurs were coming to Nebraska rural communities, and their needs were not being met. The tremendous growth in demand for our services outpaced even our predictions. We’re proud and excited to announce the Hispanic Business Center has grown again.

This Young Woman Transformed a Building and Her Dreams

Mallory Christoffersen is the REAP Women’s Business Center Entrepreneur of the Year for 2012. Mallory displays the entrepreneurial spirit so crucial to women-owned businesses and the rural communities they call home.

The owner of Simply Unique Salon, Spa and Tanning in downtown Norfolk knew it would be a major undertaking to open her own business. Her experience at another salon gave her confidence that it was time to branch out on her own.