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Recent posts by Juan Sandoval

Celebrating Rural Life and Building the Economy Business by Business

At the end of 2014, I traveled to Brookings, South Dakota, to visit friends. As we were eating, a couple seated at our table began to complain about rural living. I don’t remember if I used to be as passionate about rural communities as I am today. Nowadays I can’t keep my mouth shut. I started highlighting all the positive things of living in smaller communities.

A Gem of an Idea Gets this Business Rolling

Starting a business can be quite complicated, especially if you haven’t thought about the details involved in structuring the business, looking for startup capital, doing inspections, or looking for a location.

The history behind Luis Onate, owner of The Granola House in Norfolk, Nebraska, is no different. Luis worked as a restaurant manager a few years before he joined the Bakery Team at the local Hy-Vee. His experience was one of the multiple motivations to start his own business.

Statistics Show Challenges Micro Businesses Face

Last May, the Center's REAP Hispanic Business Specialist Imelda Catalan joined me at the Association for Enterprise Opportunity (AEO) Conference in New Orleans. AEO is the nation’s leading voice for micro enterprise development, serving the needs of micro entrepreneurs who lack access to traditional sources of business education or capital. Several important items caught our attention. We learned that 8,000 micro businesses get declined by financial institutions daily in the United States.

Business Coaching, Training, and Lending Exceed Expectations

Business Coaching or Technical Assistance is a great tool for your business. You can evaluate your procedures, identify potential problems, plan in advance, or look for best practices. We can offer ongoing support to small business owners to make sure you are taking the right steps to build a stronger business, and handling it correctly and efficiently.

Hispanic Business Center Grows in Staff, Training, Loans

The past year has been a great one for the REAP Hispanic Business Center! Imelda Catalan began work in January 2013. Imelda specializes in working with startup and existing Hispanic businesses in Southeast Nebraska. Email her at to get acquainted.

Business education and networking Roundtables were held 10 times. These meetings boost morale as members troubleshoot their business challenges and learn from each other.