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Recent posts by Jon Bailey

5 Reasons Rural Nebraska Needs the Medicaid Redesign Act

The Medicaid Redesign Act, LB 472, is critical for rural Nebraska. It’s intended to provide low-income working Nebraskans with health insurance. LB 472 would create a Nebraska-specific plan for cost-effective health care for the coverage gap population of about 54,000. It would create a Medicaid Redesign Task Force of members of the Nebraska Legislature and the executive branch to review the state’s Medicaid program and provide recommendations to improve quality, to innovate the program and to save costs.

Returning Balance to Nebraska Taxes

For decades, Nebraskans have heard that the real tax debate in this state should focus on sustainable, meaningful property tax reform. There seems to be a current consensus among citizens, Senators, and the new administration that the time has come to actually provide meaningful, sustainable property tax reform.
However, can Nebraska enact property tax reform while avoiding cuts to schools and other key services? Our local governments are among the most property tax dependent in the nation - only Illinois relies more on property taxes to fund schools.

Veterans Should Have Health Coverage

This Veteran’s Day we honor those who serve and have served our country. Veterans put their lives on the line to protect our independence, our freedom, and all the rights we hold dear. Now is the time to fight for them by ensuring they have access to health coverage.

Impact of Earned Income Tax Credit on Rural People

Our latest report focuses on the Earned Income Tax Credit and Rural Households. The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is a credit against federal personal income taxes for working people who have low to moderate income, particularly those with children. The Census Bureau estimates that the 2012 poverty rate would have been 3 percentage points higher without the EITC.