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Top 10 Rural Research Reports

The Center has long been known for its deep policy research and advocacy. For our more policy-minded readers, we decided to take a step back and revisit the high points with a top 10 list of reports spanning all 40+ years of our research. You’ll find our top 10 reports and their key findings summarized in the next few pages of the linked PDF below. Full versions of these reports can be found at

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Crop Insurance Report Card

The way crop insurance works needs to change. Its effect on farmers, taxpayers, and the environment places the entire farm system in a struggle over who is the biggest and most moneyed. Farming should be an industry that encourages family and mid-sized farmers to produce food in ways that are environmentally friendly and ethical. 

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Midwest, Maps, & Energy

The Midwest has some great potential for wind energy, but limited capacity is holding back the area from maximizing its renewable energy capacity. Transmission infrastructure is a key part of renewable energy development, linking new wind energy sources to the larger electric grid where more customers can purchase the clean and renewable power.