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Women's Business Centers Form a National Network to Serve Women

The programs of Women’s Business Centers (WBC) are built around the goals of women entrepreneurs. WBCs help women succeed in business by providing business training, mentoring, and access to capital to nearly 200,000 entrepreneurs annually. The need and potential impact can’t be over stated. Women are projected to create over half of the 9.72 million small business jobs expected by 2018, according to Forbes.

Integrated Vegetation Management

When developing new transmission, a best practice is using processes that take into account local community  and landowner feedback to form best practices and identify techniques that can avoid or mitigate potential damage from new development. One such practice is Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM), a process of managing vegetation under a transmission line through the planting of native, low-growing plant species. This allows developers to limit tree growth under transmission lines, while also introducing new native plants that can provide habitat for wildlife.

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Top 10 Rural Research Reports

The Center has long been known for its deep policy research and advocacy. For our more policy-minded readers, we decided to take a step back and revisit the high points with a top 10 list of reports spanning all 40+ years of our research. You’ll find our top 10 reports and their key findings summarized in the next few pages of the linked PDF below. Full versions of these reports can be found at

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