Santee Garden and Market Project

Imagine you grew up in a place where all of the food available was processed, pre-packaged, no-nutrient junk. Would you know how to prepare and enjoy fresh foods for a healthier diet?

In Santee, Nebraska, two generations of Santee Sioux Nation have grown up eating basically out of a convenience store. Not only has fresh food been unavailable, but fresh food cooking skills and experience have been lost in the community. Now, with sky-high obesity and diabetes rates, people are looking for ways to eat better.

The Santee Garden and Market Project 

The Santee Garden and Market Project is a joint effort of the Center for Rural Affairs and the Nebraska Indian Community College. Working together and building on grassroots interest and support, the project is bringing fresh foods and healthy eating back to Santee.

  • Gardens -- Training and assistance is available for families growing their own gardens. These gardens provide fresh, healthy ingredients and reduce grocery costs.
  • Farmers Market -- In the summer of 2012, a farmers market opened in Santee for the first time. Local farmers and craftspeople, including a brand-new community gardener, sold their goods.
  • Fresh Food Cooking and Sharing -- Fresh food cooking training and sharing supported this new access to fresh foods, helping people learn to prepare and enjoy new foods. This component is known as the "Sioux Chef" project.

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