Santee Community Foods Project

The Santee Community Foods Project is a joint effort of the Center for Rural Affairs and the Nebraska Indian Community College. Working together and building on grassroots interest and support, the project is bringing fresh foods and healthy eating back to Santee.

What do we do?

Community Workshops: Training and assistance on growing, harvesting, preserving and cooking fresh food from your garden and foods native to Santee. Trainings on marketing and selling produce from your garden. Demonstration meals representing how to cook and prepare foods from our garden to share with family, friends and market customers.

Home Garden Visits: Our garden team will visit your garden throughout the summer to answer any questions and help with garden advice. Let us know if you want us to stop by and visit your garden!

Unci Maka (GrandMother Earth) Public Market 2016: Located at the Ohiya Casino & Resort, the Public Market is an opportunity for Santee gardeners to sell extra produce to make a small income. We also welcome bead workers, arts & crafts persons, bakers, and other community members to sell homemade & handmade items.

Woyute Waste (Good Food) Baskets: Look out for a weekly distribution of fresh, locally grown produce for sale right in the heart of Santee! We will sell baskets of fresh produce for $5 and $10 starting in July. This is an opportunity for Santee gardeners to grow and sell their own produce.

News from the 2016 Growing Season: August, September, October

For more information, contact April Goettle at or 402.687.2100 x1030; or Wyatt Fraas at or 402.254.6893.

Visit our events page for workshops and other events.