Rural America's Turn to Pave Way for Clean Energy Future

Last week, Clean Line Energy Partners received approval to move ahead with one of their new and innovative Great Plains transmission projects.

The Grain Belt Express is a transmission line that will carry wind energy from western Kansas to customers in Missouri, Illinois, and the eastern United States. Unlike other transmission projects, the Grain Belt Express sells transmission capacity directly to the customers that generate power, such as wind farms. This direct approach can help drive already low wind energy prices even lower.

This approval from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is essential to the project, as it allows Clean Line to sell transmission capacity for the Grain Belt Express project to these power generators. With this decision, The Grain Belt Express project can now form agreements with wind farms in western Kansas, potentially 13.5 gW of clean and renewable wind energy.

The key to taking advantage of the great wind energy potential in the Midwest and Great Plains is solving the problem of transmission. Our transmission grid is in need of a serious update to carry new renewable energy sources. Building new transmission provides the essential road to market those rural areas - the places with some of the best wind energy potential - needed to spur new wind energy development.

Starting in the 1930’s, electric transmission was built out from cities to electrify rural areas. Now it’s rural America’s turn to build transmission out, sending renewable energy to larger cities, and paving the way for a clean energy future.