REAP Loan Programs

REAP loans are available to qualifying applicants. Loan products range from $10,000 and less up to $50,000. We've experienced record lending levels to meet the debt financing needs of startup and existing small businesses in rural Nebraska.

Online Lending System
Secure REAP online loan application.

Direct Loan
The REAP Direct Loan product offers loans up to $50,000.

Rapid Loan
The REAP Rapid Loan product offers loans up to $10,000.

Quick GROW Loan
The Quick Grow Loan is a collaborative effort between REAP and GROW Nebraska for use by GROW Nebraska clients.

Quick GROW Online Lending System
Secure online Quick Grow Loan application for GROW Nebraska members.

Loan Policy
REAP Loan Programs focus on providing capital for rural Nebraska-based startup and existing businesses.