Land Link Sneak Peek

Southeastern South Dakota Acreage for Sale: Picture 10 acres with two houses (one could be used for rental income) near Hayti, South Dakota. The main house features two stories, 1,536 square feet, three bedrooms, 1.5 baths. Did we mention the sunroom with Jacuzzi?

A large house with a sunroom and Jacuzzi is one of many enticing features of a Land Link acreage located just 45 miles from Brookings, South Dakota.
Source: Steve Svarvari
It’s an ideal location for a food-based business, farmers market sales, selling to restaurants, a Community Supported Agriculture venture, etc. Abundant water (a stream and pond) is available on the property. The seller may be able to finance buyer. The asking price is $120,000.

Young Farmer Experienced in Vegetable Gardening & Livestock: A young woman seeks to purchase at least two acres. She’ll provide lots of experience growing a variety of vegetables and fruits and raising rotationally grazed grass-fed cattle, goats, and chicken.

Her other requirements include a “basic house” with a greenhouse or room to build a greenhouse. A desire to learn more about orchards, permaculture, and agritoursim comes along too. This farmer prefers to stay in Colorado.