Center News Releases

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Release Date Contact(s)
01/23/2017 Farmers invited to workshop on new crop insurance opportunity

Glen Ready, policy program assistant,, 402.687.2100 ext. 1011;
Rhea Landholm, brand marketing and communications manager,, 402.687.2100 ext 1025

01/19/2017 Center for Rural Affairs looks forward to working with Agriculture Secretary Nominee Perdue

Johnathan Hladik, Policy Director,, 402.687.2100 ext. 1028
Rhea Landholm, Brand Marketing and Communications Manager,, 402.687.2100 ext. 1025

01/19/2017 Five-class conservation series set for women landowners

Becky Keim, project organizer,, 402.269.8170
or Rhea Landholm, brand marketing and communications manager,, 402.687.2100 ext 1025

01/18/2017 Center for Rural Affairs to offer Business Plan Basics Training for small business

Nancy Flock,, 308.534.3508, 
Monica Braun,, 402.643.2673, or 
Rhea Landholm,, 402.687.2100 ext. 1025

01/18/2017 Business owners, entrepreneurs encouraged to visit with business specialist Feb. 7

Nancy Flock,, 308.534.3508, or
Rhea Landholm,, 402.687.2100 ext. 1025

01/13/2017 Local beef, produce dished up at Litchfield Public Schools

Kirstin Bailey, project organizer,, 402.367.8989
Rhea Landholm, brand marketing and communications manager,, 402.687.2100 ext. 1025

01/12/2017 Free QuickBooks training set in Laurel

Juan Sandoval,, 402.371.7786
Rhea Landholm,, 402.687.2100 ext. 1025

01/12/2017 Rebuild Nebraska Responds to Governor’s Tax Reform Ideas

Jordan Rasmussen,, 402.687.2100 ext. 1032,
Johnathan Hladik,, 402.687.2100 ext. 1028,
or Rhea Landholm,, 402.687.2100 ext. 1025

01/11/2017 Center for Rural Affairs offers Business Plan Basics Training for small business

Monica Braun,, 402.643.2673 
Rhea Landholm,, 402.687.2100 ext. 1025

01/06/2017 Practical Guide to Sandhills Conservation now available

Becky Keim,, 402.269.8170
Rhea Landholm,, 402.687.2100 ext 1025

01/05/2017 Women landowners invited to one-day workshop

Becky Keim, project organizer,, 402.269.8170
Glen Ready, policy program assistant,, 402.687.2100 ext 1011
Rhea Landholm, brand marketing and communications manager,, 402.687.2100 ext 1025

01/04/2017 Rural Food Business Toolkit now available

Sandra Renner,, 402.320.3444
Rhea Landholm,, 402.687.2100 ext 1025

01/03/2017 Taller para el Agricultor Emergente enfoque en el negocio y producción

Kirstin Bailey,, 402.367.8989
Lucia Schulz,, 402.750.5727 (Para preguntas en español)
Rhea Landholm,, 402.687.2100 ext 1025

01/03/2017 Growing Farmers Workshop focuses on business and production

Kirstin Bailey,, 402.367.8989
Lucia Schulz,, 402.750.5727 (Spanish inquiries)
Rhea Landholm,, 402.687.2100 ext 1025

12/14/2016 Center for Rural Affairs Applauds Long-Awaited Farmer Fair Practice Rules

Anna Johnson,, (515) 329-0172
Johnathan Hladik,, (402) 687-2100 x 1028