Center News Releases

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Release Date Contact(s)
02/10/2010 Health Reform Can't Wait Jon Bailey,, Phone: (402) 687-2103 ext. 1013 or John Crabtree,, Phone: (402) 687-2103 ext. 1010
02/08/2010 Logan Valley Leadership Program Continues Stephanie Fritz,, Phone: (402) 358-3432 or (402) 270-1070
02/08/2010 Hispanic Sessions to Cater to Hispanic Entrepreneurs Nancy Flock,, Phone: (402) 494-1013 or Joy Marshall,, Phone: (402) 614-5558
02/01/2010 Minden Hosts Creighton School of Law Community Economic Development Clinic Dena Beck,, REAP Business Specialist, Phone: (308) 528-0060
02/01/2010 Free Computer Workshops Coming to Logan Valley Area Stephanie Fritz,, Phone: (402) 358-3432 or (402) 270-1070
02/01/2010 Local Entrepreneurs to Attend Fourth Consecutive MarketPlace Conference Joy Marshall,, Phone: (402) 614-5558 or Elisha Smith,, Phone: (402) 687-2103 ext. 1007
12/10/2009 Rural Organizations Call for Senate Passage of Health Care Reform John Crabtree,, (402) 687-2100, Center for Rural Affairs
11/23/2009 States should not opt-out of health care option Kristina Hubbard,, Center for Rural Affairs
11/23/2009 Montana should not opt-out of health care option Kristina Hubbard,, Center for Rural Affairs
11/10/2009 Inaugural Kansas MarketPlace Event Held in Hays Kathie Starkweather, kathies@cfra/org, Center for Rural Affairs
Joy Marshall,, Center for Rural Affairs
11/06/2009 House Health Care Reform Addresses Unique Rural Challenges Contact: John Crabtree,, (563) 581-2867
11/05/2009 Final Arrangements Announced For Kansas MarketPlace Joy Marshall,, Phone: (402) 614-5558.
11/05/2009 Nebraska Organizations Urge Legislature Not To Cut Rural Programs John Crabtree,, (563) 581-2867
11/02/20009 Center for Rural Affairs Criticizes Governor's Proposed Budget Cuts Chuck Hassebrook,, (402) 687-2103 ext. 1018 or John Crabtree,, (563) 581-2867
11/02/2009 Polling Shows Support in Rural U.S. for Health Care Reform Jon Bailey, Center for Rural Affairs,, (402) 687-2100 Liz Friedlander, National Farmers Union,, (202) 554-1600 Susan Buckles, Northwest Area Foundation,, (651) 225-3865