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Listen to why coal hurts Nebraska and helps Wyoming

Helping Beginning Farmers and Ranchers Get Started

Beginning rancher and former Marine Garrett Dwyer encourages landowners and communities to give beginners a hand up. 

Getting Wisconsin's Wind Power on the Grid

The Center for Rural Affairs has released a map and informational database of proposed clean-energy transmission lines throughout the Great Plains and Upper Midwest, including three proposed lines in Wisconsin.

Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure in Rural MN

A new report from the Center for Rural Affairs details the importance of the Affordable Care Act on the health of rural America. Comments from Jon Bailey, director, Rural Research and Analysis program for the Center, and author of the report "Prevention and Public Health."

Broadband comes to the heartland...slowly

Only 60 percent of rural Americans have access to broadband. Today the Department of Agriculture is announcing millions of dollars for small communities throughout the country to change that. Jennifer Collins reports.

Health Care Connected to MT Rural Population

If rural America is going to thrive, a new report suggests, it will take a resurgence of young people staying in - or returning to - their hometowns to pursue careers and raise families.


Thank You Secretary Vilsack

With all the budget-cutting rhetoric and partisan bickering these days, we hear so little about good things getting done in DC. It is crucial, therefore, to offer a word of thanks for a job well done, especially in these times.


Food Deserts and Farmers Markets

In the United States 803 counties are classified as "food deserts,” where the average resident of the county lives 10 or more miles from a full-service grocery store. The Great Plains has the highest concentration of "food desert" counties, with 418, and 98 percent of those counties are rural.


Budgets, Appropriations, and Priorities

A young farmer called me last year because he’s transitioning his farm to organic production and he heard me on the radio talking about USDA’s Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) Organic Initiative, which provides cost-share to farmers and ranchers during organic transition.


Farming and Ranching for Another Generation

Beginning farmers and ranchers face significant challenges, including access to land and capital (thanks to rapidly increasing land values and cash rents). They also face barriers in accessing federal programs designed to assist them with getting started.


Hassebrook Interviewed on Agri Pulse Open Mic

Hear a critique of the first two years of Obama administration farm and rural policy and things the President and USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack should do in the next 24 months to strengthen agriculture and the larger rural economy in this Oct. 18, 2010 interview with Chuck Hassebrook, executive director of the Center for Rural Affairs.


The Other Side of Reform

Access provisions turned out to be a major, but unsung part of the health care reform law. Insurance coverage and health care access represent opposite sides of the same coin. And if we hope to make health care more affordable and accessible - and people healthier - we must address both.


Big Job Small Business-California

At the Center for Rural Affairs, two decades of rural economic development work in the Midwest and Great Plains has taught us that revitalizing rural communities and creating long-lasting economic opportunities begins with entrepreneurship and small business development.


Big Job Small Business-Wisconsin

Entrepreneurial development is crucial to rural Wisconsin. About half the jobs created there over the last 15 years were created in firms with five or fewer employees.


Big Job Small Business

Entrepreneurship and microenterprise development can again lead the nation along the road to economic recovery... if we are willing to invest in them.


What's All the Yellin' About?

In June, USDA published a new draft rule regarding how meatpackers must deal with farmers and ranchers in the procurement of livestock and poultry. But the packers don't like it and are pitching a fit, just as I said they would.


Turning Their Backs On the Wind

Wind energy presents a unique opportunity to create new jobs and increase incomes in rural Nebraska.


Why I'm Excited for the Energy Fair!

On June 23rd and 24th, the Center for Rural Affairs will host the Nebraska Renewable Energy Fair, held in our very own hometown of Lyons.


Off the Grid

On June 23rd and 24th, the Center for Rural Affairs will host the Nebraska Renewable Energy Fair, held in our very own hometown of Lyons.


Montana Jumps Into High Risk Pool First

On June 25th, the state became one of the first to finalize a contract with HHS to launch their state high risk pool. The pool provides health insurance, along with financial security and peace of mind.


Out to Pasture

Thanks to the efforts of concerned farmers, the Center for Rural Affairs and National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, farmers who convert their cropland to grazing land will receive higher payment rates than before.


A Reasonable Hope

Overseeing Americas livestock markets is the most thankless of jobs. However, family farmers and ranchers have learned that the absence of leadership in this role leaves governance to those who pursue power for their own narrow ends over the common good.


A Recipe for Healthier Kids Podcast
Two-thirds of school children eat a National School Lunch Program lunch, consuming one-third of their total daily calories from that meal. The food in that meal travels between 2500 and 4000 miles before reaching their plates.


The Green Event of the Summer, Nebraska Renewable Energy Fair Podcast
The Nebraska Renewable Energy Fair will be held in Lyons, Nebraska on July 23rd & 24th after a one year hiatus. Nebraskans have the opportunity to learn about renewable energy.



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