Moving On...

As Brian mentioned, we are back. We tried to postpone House floor consideration until a more reasonable time, but the House clerk ignored our repeated pleas for sanity. Nobody should have to listen a House debate before noon.

Goodlatte withdrew his amendment.

As we mentioned last night, many of the amendments were combined into an "en bloc" amendment. Our only friend in DC has the details in this comment on yesterday's post.

Thirty One More Amendments

Update #4: We hear from our friends in Washington (yes we do have a few friends there, not many, but a few) that debate resumes at 9:00am Eastern.

Update #3: Kind amendment is defeated 309 to 117. And Farm Bill debate is done for the night. We'll back in the morning.

Kind Amendment Debate

Update #3: Kind amendment is defeated 309 to 117.

Update #2: Of course. They postponed the roll call vote on the Kind amendment. I guess other members won't be coming back to the floor anytime soon. It's possible we won't see any votes until tomorrow morning.

Why We're Upset

So we're sitting in the office eating supper and watching the House floor action via C-SPAN. We're lucky that we can do so. Many rural areas don't have broadband, and the USDA broadband loan program has spent a whole lot of money subsidizing internet access in not-so-rural places already being served. Supposedly, both the House and the Senate are going to address this problem in the farm bill. I hope so.


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