Rural Nerds: Take the Lead on Rural Health Care Needs

It's week 4 of our Letterman-style countdown of Top 10 Rural Research Reports from the Center for Rural Affairs. This #tbt Throwback Thursday post looks at the report that kicked off our health care reform advocacy.

Before writing a word, we traveled around our small towns and rural communities and listened to rural people. They told us their overall health and their health insurance, or lack of it, were big worries. Then we rolled up our sleeves and dug in. Here's what we found. 

Explanation of Crop Insurance Hidden Benefits

During the last farm bill debate we heard Congressional leaders say, farmers don’t get a check, they get a bill for their crop insurance.
While that statement may be true, it’s also true that crop insurance is heavily subsidized, providing unlimited premium subsidies to the nation’s largest and wealthiest farms on every acre, every year, regardless of prices, production or farm profitability.
 We created a mock “explanation of benefits” to demonstrate the largess.

Rural Nerds: Counting on Better Health

This week our Throwback Thursday - #tbt - Top 10 Rural Research Reports rundown focuses on our health care research.

We're nerdishly modest, but it's no exaggeration to say we were among the first rural organizations to focus on health care. You'll see why as our countdown continues with number 8.

Four Ways to Address Income Inequity on the Rural Great Plains

Data show that rates of income inequality are high in rural counties of the Great Plains region, and generally significantly higher than urban areas of the region, particularly compared to suburban areas of the major cities of the region. This handful of policy responses can begin to address income inequality and make an economic system that works better for low-income individuals and families.