Civic Duty Requires More

Democracy is key to the American experience. You have the right to vote, and most of you exercise that right. This gives us equal say when choosing the persons to best represent our interests.
For many of us, voting is more than a right. It’s a duty. And after weeks (or was it months?) of nonstop television ads, radio clips, and mailings, we were happy get it over with. That duty has been fulfilled.
It’s now time to kick back and relax until 2016, right?

Landowner Wind Energy Associations Gaining Acceptance

This is Part 4 in our series Primer on Renewable Energy and Transmission by Iowa resident, writer, and friend Loren Flaugh. It stems from a presentation he gave to Iowa State University students in the spring of 2014. This episode chronicles the early development of wind energy associations.

Where landowner wind energy associations first seemed to take root was 10 years ago in the Rocky Mountain states like Wyoming and Colorado. Wyoming now has 10 ranging in size from 12,000 acres on up to the 148,000 acre Walker Creek Wind Association.

Impact of Earned Income Tax Credit on Rural People

Our latest report focuses on the Earned Income Tax Credit and Rural Households. The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is a credit against federal personal income taxes for working people who have low to moderate income, particularly those with children. The Census Bureau estimates that the 2012 poverty rate would have been 3 percentage points higher without the EITC.

Remembering a Dear Friend and Colleague

I have to share some tragic and very sad news with you. A dear member of the Center for Rural Affairs staff, and a friend and acquaintance to many of you, Hank Rohling, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on October 24. 

I know many of you - Center donors across the country - had the opportunity to visit with Hank, our major gifts development officer, over the past two years. 


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