Happening Around the Center: Graduations and Welcomes

It's a spring tradition of ours to recognize graduations of staff and family members. With great fanfare, it's our pleasure to announce this year's honorees!

Auston Darnell, son of Tris and Brook Darnell, will graduate from Bancroft Rosalie High School on May 16, 2014. Auston will be heading to college in the fall. He’ll focus on business, football, and golf (hopefully in that order!).

Will the Programs You Need Get Funded?

Springtime in Washington, DC – the cherries are in bloom, the weather is erratic, and legislators start “the appropriations process.”

The what?! The appropriations process, or “approps” as the kids say, is the time when members of Congress decide which programs will get funded in the coming year, and for how much. It is a critical time for the programs many of us count on in rural America, even if you don’t realize these programs are helping your community.

How can you be involved to make sure these programs keep rural America thriving? 

REAP Hispanic Business Center Entrepreneur of the Year

Diana E. Vazquez is no stranger to hard work and is a prime example of a very determined entrepreneur. She has owned and operated Fascinación, in Lexington, Nebraska, for over 10 years. Her days begin early and end late because Fascinación is open daily from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Our small business development program, REAP, has assisted Diana with technical assistance and financing as the business continued to expand. A large selection of items can be found in the two-story retail store in historic downtown Lexington.

Clarity Comes to the Clean Water Act

We use gallons of it every day and can’t live without it. Clear, clean, fresh water. Many of us depend on usable surface water for drinking, irrigation, cleaning, or livestock. And we have the Clean Water Act to thank.

The Clean Water Act used to apply to all surface water in the United States until two decisions by the Supreme Court changed that. Confusion regarding the law’s enforcement has reigned ever since those court decisions in 2001 and 2006.


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