Corporate Farming: Another David vs. Goliath Tale

Last February, the Agriculture Committee of the Nebraska Unicameral Legislature heard public testimony on LB 942. This bill would repeal the prohibition on meatpacker ownership of hogs in Nebraska.

The hearing lasted well into the evening, with opponents outnumbering proponents nearly 10 to one. The Center for Rural Affairs, Nebraska Farmers Union, Independent Cattlemen of Nebraska, and approximately 50 family farmers, ranchers, and small town Nebraskans appeared to voice opposition to the bill.

Iowa and South Dakota Rank #1 and #2 in Development of Wind Power

Iowa and South Dakota are first and second in the nation when it comes to getting their power from wind energy. Iowa currently gets about 27% of its energy from wind, with South Dakota nipping at its heels at 26%. For Iowa, the investment in wind energy has paid off.

Over 5,000 megawatts of installed wind capacity has brought with it 7,000 new jobs, and $16 million each year to landowners in the form of lease payments. And with another 1,000 megawatts currently under construction, Iowa seems to be in a good place to keep this success booming.

Wind Legislation a Boon to Rural Communities

Many are blown away by the thriving wind industry in the Midwest. Neighboring states like Iowa and South Dakota have seen fantastic expansion, with each state getting 27 and 26% of their energy from wind respectively, and Kansas is fast-approaching the 20% mark. Besides affordable, renewable energy; wind energy brought new careers and revenue to these states.

While Iowa, Kansas, and South Dakota continue to expand wind energy; Nebraska is lagging far behind. We’re missing out on the local benefits that wind development brings with it.

Keep Calm and Carry on with

Officially, the open period for enrolling in the new healthcare marketplace expired at midnight, March 31st. However, consumers who began their enrollment through or the U.S. Health and Human Services (HHS) Call Center and, through no fault of their own, have been unable to complete the process by the deadline have been granted a special enrollment extension. Consumers enrolling after March 31st will have to attest that they tried to enroll prior to the end of open enrollment.

Western Elected Officials Call for Balanced Use of Public Lands

A delegation of western elected officials brought their call for balancing energy development with other important uses of federal public lands to the US Department of Interior in Washington, DC. They presented department officials with a letter addressed to Interior Secretary Sally Jewell and signed by 75 state legislators and county commissioners from 7 states.


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