Thank God for North Dakota

On Tuesday, June 14, North Dakotans went to the polls in a primary election to decide, among other things, the fate of North Dakota’s long-standing anti-corporate farming law. Since 1932, North Dakota law has prohibited corporations from engaging in farming and ranching or owning farm or ranch land.

Lyons Storefront Theater Honored with National Award

“Too often we think that you have to go to the big city to get your arts and culture fix. This project is about demonstrating that we can and do have interesting arts and cultural infrastructure in small towns. If we can do this in Lyons, Nebraska, it can be done anywhere.” -Center for Rural Affairs Executive Director Brian Depew

REAP Assists in Purchase of Small Town Newspaper

It’s great when a new owner/entrepreneur wants to buy a business in a rural community. Small businesses are foundational to the economy. We’d severely miss the products and services, not to mention the sales tax revenue that commerce bring to our communities. But what resources exist to assist with a business transition? In Nebraska's Gage County, NGage can assist along with other business development service providers.

It was recently announced that Tiffany and Matt Henrichs are purchasing the Wymore Arbor State newspaper. This wasn’t a decision that the Henrich’s family made overnight. It took weeks of planning and careful consideration before they moved ahead. Tiffany contacted Glennis McClure at NGage to ask for assistance.

Photos Show Beauty and Detail of Everyday Life

Here at the Center for Rural Affairs, we have a deep appreciation of art. It has the ability to touch our lives, build a shared appreciation of culture, and strengthen community ties.

Our staff is a talented crew – both on the job and off. Gardening, cooking, knitting, woodworking, writing and photography are only a few examples of our creative hobbies.

Need More Talk About Nebraska’s Energy Future

Right now the Nebraska Energy Office, Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality, and our Public Power Districts are hard at work planning for Nebraska's energy future. These agencies have been tasked with putting together a comprehensive State Energy Plan that looks at the cost of fuel, future customer growth, where we currently get our power from, future generation options, and environmental regulations. The final Nebraska Department of Energy plan will likely include recommendations for future energy investments and other decisions regarding our public power system.