Iowa Farmers Invited to Dine and Discuss Farming and Conservation

The Center for Rural Affairs is seeking input from Iowa farmers on farm and conservation programs throughout the month of March. We’ll host a series of six roundtable discussion and dinner conversations with farmers across the state, beginning at the Eagle Grove Memorial Library in Eagle Grove, Iowa on March 7.

Rural Hospitals Closing at Rate of 1 Per Month

Rural hospitals have been closing at a rate of nearly 1 per month since 2010. The Southeast has been especially hard hit (see map down below). A rural hospital closure can leave a permanent gap in availability of services in the community.

But closing rural hospitals is not inevitable. The recent increase in closures is the direct outcome of public policy decisions we have made, and we can make different decisions.

Beyond the Gap

The Affordable Care Act was signed into law six years ago this month. The uninsured rate is now 11.9%, the lowest ever recorded. Approximately 17 million more Americans have health insurance today than before the law was passed. Hospitals across the nation have saved tens of billions of dollars on uncompensated care.