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A Rural Christmas

Sadly, for many of us the Holiday season is rife with shopping, travel, crowded airports or highways, and out here on the Great Plains enough cold, wind, snow and ice to make traveling that much more difficult. For many rural and small town Americans, the stress of travel and shopping, which probably involves more travel, is amplified by harsh weather and poor road conditions.

All of that tends to erode the best aspects of the Holiday season, namely, spending time with and forging stronger relationships with family, and, of course, creating memories of those special times we get to spend with the ones that we love most.

Tis the Season: An Open Letter from Tyler

Holiday cards, gifts, family gatherings, snowflakes, and hot chocolate. I seem to be forgetting something in that long list of signs of the season. Oh yes, I recall – appeals, appeals, appeals. They come in your mailbox, they come in your e-mail, they ring bells near a red bucket in front of stores you frequent or come in the form of a plate at church.

This time of year fundraising requests seem to be everywhere. The can be frustrating, they can be annoying, they can be downright infuriating. We know; we get them too.

Over the Top on Giving Tuesday with 12 Minutes to Spare!

Wow, $10,335 in one week. Newman’s Own Foundation matched $10,000 of that, so $20,335 was raised for the betterment of rural America. This is the most successful online fundraiser we’ve ever held, and that is only because of you, our supporters. We cannot express our gratitude and thanks enough.

We made it under the wire (12 minutes, to be exact). Trust us when we say we sincerely dislike overloading your inbox with fundraising emails. But we know you believe in our work and want to see our programs succeed.

You're Invited to Have Twice the Impact!

What was your least favorite school lunch growing up? Mine was salisbury steak. It was a strange textured mystery meat, coated in slick, salty gravy, and served with instant mashed potatoes- a true cafeteria atrocity I hope my kids will never have to eat. Our Farm to School program tries to make sure of that.

Farm to School is a national movement that encourages schools to serve locally grown food from partnering farmers. Our Farm to School effort has helped save over 140,000 children from these meals in 2015 alone.


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