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Farm Girl Journal Captures the Joy of Growing up on a Farm

Living in rural and small-town America is not a challenge, or a burden. I love living in a small town, having the ability to know my neighbors, and a genuine feeling of connectedness to the land and natural world. I can look out of my window at our garden, our flowers, the birds (and squirrels) at our birdfeeder. If that isn’t enough, in two minutes I can be in the countryside.

Gearing Up for the Big Fight

Crop insurance is an important and necessary component of an effective farm safety net. However, it is a very complex program that will work more effectively with much-needed, commonsense reforms.
Under current law, we are subsidizing crop insurance at an average rate of 62% on every acre without limit regardless of farm size or wealth. We have an issue with that. Our tax dollars - the public trust - subsidize the largest operators no matter how big they get.

A Rural Christmas

Sadly, for many of us the Holiday season is rife with shopping, travel, crowded airports or highways, and out here on the Great Plains enough cold, wind, snow and ice to make traveling that much more difficult. For many rural and small town Americans, the stress of travel and shopping, which probably involves more travel, is amplified by harsh weather and poor road conditions.

All of that tends to erode the best aspects of the Holiday season, namely, spending time with and forging stronger relationships with family, and, of course, creating memories of those special times we get to spend with the ones that we love most.

Tis the Season: An Open Letter from Tyler

Holiday cards, gifts, family gatherings, snowflakes, and hot chocolate. I seem to be forgetting something in that long list of signs of the season. Oh yes, I recall – appeals, appeals, appeals. They come in your mailbox, they come in your e-mail, they ring bells near a red bucket in front of stores you frequent or come in the form of a plate at church.

This time of year fundraising requests seem to be everywhere. The can be frustrating, they can be annoying, they can be downright infuriating. We know; we get them too.


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