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Unicameral votes for Meatpackers over Family Farmers and Ranchers

On Jan 22, the Nebraska legislature voted to advance LB 176 to the bill’s final reading. The vote on final passage could occur as early as next week.  LB 176, introduced by Senator Ken Schilz last session, would rescind Nebraska’s statute prohibiting meatpacking companies from owning and feeding hogs prior to slaughter.

Debate over the bill was halted when 33 Senators voted in favor of invoking cloture and ending debate. The bill was advanced from Select File by a vote of 32 to 12.

LB 176 not good for ranchers

Nebraska LB 176 is a bill that will harm competition in Nebraska by weakening our state’s Competitive Livestock Markets Act.

I am a fourth generation Nebraska cattle producer with young children. I am convinced that Nebraska’s Competitive Livestock Markets Act helped ensure my opportunity to begin taking over my parents’ cattle operation. I am also convinced that if we do not defend our Competitive Livestock Markets Act, my children will not have the same opportunity that I have to farm or ranch.

Stand Opposed to Packer Ownership of Livestock in Nebraska

They’re at it again, big meatpacking companies want to drive independent farmers out of hog production. LB 176 would lift Nebraska’s prohibition on packer ownership of hogs. And you can bet your last dollar they’ll come after cattle next.

The bill has been prioritized by Senator Schilz, and it will be on the agenda today. We beat them last year, and we will need your voice to beat them again!

Can you lend your voice to help us defeat this bill? Here is how you can help:

Top 5 of 2015: Who Owns the World's Seeds?

Today we share number 3 in our top 5 posts countdown, an examination of mergers in the seed industry. If you have followed corporate farming issues with the Center over the last decade, you know this name: John Crabtree. John is our media director. When he first came to the Center, he led our Market Structure Project. That and his family farming background initiated him deeply in this struggle. His writing prowess is legendary around our office. 

The Anti-Corporate Farming Phoenix

In what brings to mind the ashes-to-rebirth legend of the mythological Phoenix, statutes prohibiting corporate farming in North Dakota and meatpacker ownership of livestock in Nebraska are both fighting for survival.

The real story, however, might rest with the resurgence of political and popular support for these laws, in particular in states where the fighting has been white hot. 


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