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New Developments for Transmission Project in Minnesota

An important energy transmission project in Minnesota will be the subject of several public meetings. The Sheldon-Webster transmission project is a 215 mile transmission line, with 70 miles of the line in Minnesota and 145 miles located in Iowa, and will run through Martin, Jackson, and Faribault counties. This project will help increase energy capacity and reliability of the grid throughout the Midwest. A notable opportunity that the project provides is to link renewable energy projects to larger markets.

Energy Fellow Works on Alternatives to Eminent Domain

My name is Brandon Gerstle, and I’m the new summer energy fellow at the Center. As an environmental law student at the University of Oregon, I was drawn to the Center because of their drive to find practical solutions to our nation’s environmental challenges.

I’ve been in Lyons for 3 weeks, and, while it’s different from my hometown of Los Angeles, I feel like I’m living the good life: buying locally produced food, attending a rodeo, and even making my own butter.

Opinions Wanted: Would You Grow Trees to Capture Carbon if Paid?

Iowa State researchers are recruiting for farmer/rancher focus groups to offer opinions on appropriate use of 'marginal lands' for biofuel crops, agroforestry (windbreaks and more), and carbon sequestration in the Great Plains. Experience with trees on your farm or ranch is desired (yes, cedars are trees!).

Researchers want to know what you think about diversifing your farm income and enhancing environmental quality by producing biomass from agroforestry practices. They'll also ask how you would decide to participate in such practices.

Connecting Small Renewable Generators to the Grid

The Center recently joined with 24 other organizations to support changes to federal regulations that will make it easier for small and midsize solar and wind systems to connect to the electric grid.

Proposed changes will increase transparency and reduce wait time when generation systems producing 20 megawatts or less seek to connect to the grid.

Transmission and Your Business

When something as big as a new transmission line is being built in your area, you won’t be blamed for asking a few good questions.  Where will the line be located? Do I have any say in the process? How will this project improve my community?

Fortunately, the Center for Rural Affairs understands your concerns. Clean Line does too. That’s why they’re holding a round of open houses to introduce the Grain Belt Express.


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