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Oil and Water Don't Mix

The Keystone XL pipeline threatens natural resources that rural folks depend on. The pipeline is not in the best interest of America’s small towns or those that depend upon agriculture for their livelihood.

Op-Ed: Other utilities should buy wind energy

The Midwest gains a lot from investing in wind energy. It is a homegrown resource, and it's abundant -- Nebraska ranks third in the nation for wind energy potential.

Wind energy also offers new jobs -- in manufacturing, construction and services -- and is a welcome source of revenue for communities and landowners that host projects.

When all is said and done, investing in wind energy carries a lot of benefits that utilities and customers should want to promote and take advantage of at the same time.

Op-Ed: Transmission project supported

Recently the Nebraska Public Power District held a series of hearings to discuss a new transmission project planned for northeast Nebraska. The 40 mile line, stretching from the Hoskins area to a new substation near Neligh, is designed to improve reliability in a part of the state hit hard by the drought.


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