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Clean Power Plan Stay Should Not Halt Plans for a Renewable Energy Future

The Clean Power Plan (CPP) is an effort to reduce carbon emissions from energy generation. Here in Nebraska, 2016 was to kick off with a series of public meetings to learn more about the role of energy in our state, where that energy comes from, and what residents wanted our energy future to look like.

A Switch to Wind Energy Could Save 1.9 Billion Gallons of Water

Nebraska relies heavily on coal to generate electricity in the state, even though we rank 4th in the nation for wind energy potential and 13th for solar power potential. These resources could easily play a larger role in our energy portfolio. Especially since demand for electricity generated from these energy resources is growing dramatically from individual customers and regional markets.

From Coal to Clean in Hallam, Nebraska

Sheldon Station is an aging coal-fired power plant constructed in 1958 near Hallam, Nebr. Sheldon Station is the biggest polluter in Lancaster County and changing environmental regulations make continuing operations at Sheldon Station uneconomical. Sheldon Station's 80 dedicated employees deserve a transition plan for job creation and economic growth after the plant is retired.


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