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Transmission Line Delivers New Jobs and Greater Capacity

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The Rock Island transmission line will enable a new generation of wind farms across the upper Midwest and Great Plains by collaborating with landowners and local businesses in a quest to tap some of the best wind resources in the nation. And along with it come rural economic development opportunities and jobs.

Developed by Clean Line Energy, this project will deliver 3,500 megawatts of wind energy from Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska and South Dakota to large cities in Illinois and eastward. Once completed, Rock Island will power 1.4 million homes in the Midwest with clean, safe and renewable energy.

Curb Rural Development Cuts

Federal investment in revitalizing small towns and supporting small enterprise development has been plummeting. Congress has cut USDA rural development programs by one-third since 2003. Adjusted for inflation, Congress has eliminated half of USDA support for small towns and rural entrepreneurship.

Across the board, rural programs are being dismantled. The steepest cuts have been in grants and loans to small towns for community facilities and community development, which have been slashed by two-thirds. Small business development and funding for small town water and sewer systems have also taken deep cuts.


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