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Invest in the Lottery or in Your Own Business: What Is the Better Bet?

Only two weeks ago (from this writing), friends were purchasing lottery tickets to hit the jackpot – close to $1.4 billion. “I will share some money with my family and friends, donate to charity, purchase a new home,” were a few reasons they gave for purchasing a ticket.

The odds were 1 in 292 million against winning the jackpot.

Enchanted Bakery Is a Dream Come True

Thirteen years ago, Ana Gonzalez wanted to start her own bakery. She had been working from home making cakes for friends and family, but always wanted to have a set location for a shop.

In 2008, Ana decided to open up cake sales to the public. She started “Pasteleria Crystal,” baking cakes out of the basement of her home in Hastings, Nebraska. Ana and her sister Veronica delivered the cakes, and customers also dropped by to pick up their order.


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