Census Reports

Since the 1980 Census, the Center for Rural Affairs has analyzed Census data for a multi-state region including Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, and Kansas. For the 2010 Census analysis, selected counties in Colorado, Montana, Wisconsin and Wyoming have been added.

Census Brief 1: Population Changes on the Great Plains
Data from the 2010 Census show that rural areas in the Great Plains and Midwest continue to lose population, while smaller cities and metropolitan areas continue to expand. That is the topic of this Issue Brief, the first in a series of briefs examining data from the 2010 Census.

Census Brief 2: Age Distribution on the Great Plains
Our second report finds that rural areas in the Great Plains and Midwest continue to lose population and are caught between “bookend generations” - the youngest and the oldest - with a demographic valley in between.

Census Brief 3: Poverty on the Great Plains
Our third report examines poverty and food insecurity in the Great Plains and Midwest. Rural counties in the region are experiencing higher incidents of poverty as well as greater rates of food insecurity, especially among children.

This series of publications is made possible by the generous assistance of the Otto Bremer Foundation and the Northwest Area Foundation. Contact Jon Bailey, jonb@cfra.org for more information.

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