Livin' On a Prayer

The chances for a farm bill passing the Senate this year are rapidly dimishing. Last night it appeared that a deal had been struck to consider a certain list of amendments.  Apparently, that deal went down in flames.

This morning, Majority Leader Harry Reid spent a great deal of time on the Senate floor denouncing the Republican minority for blocking action on the farm bill, and of course Minority Leader Mitch McConnell blamed the Democratic majority. Now various Senators of both parties are bemoaning the lack of farm bill action. Our opinion on who is to blame? Who cares. Shut up and get something done. Now. Unfortunately, we're not in charge.

Lacking an agreement on amendments, nothing much will happen on the farm bill in the Senate. Additionally, this morning Majority Leader Harry Reid said the Senate will almost certainly not take up the Farm Bill after the Thanksgiving recess, and possibly not even in January.

So the 2007 Farm Bill will probably not be done in 2007. There is still a chance that Senate leaders will agree on how to proceed and something will get done. That chance, however, is very small. 

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