On Making History and Seeing Clearly

I have three things from today's floor debate bouncing around in my head.

First, in his opening remarks much earlier today, Senator Salazar (D-CO) sung the praises of the Senate farm bill. As part of his speech praising this status quo bill, the good Senator actually said that he believed that the senate bill was "one of the most historic bills to ever come before this body."

Uh. Uh. Right. Sure. Historic.

The second is the quote from Senator Coleman (R-MN) that Dan mentioned earlier. Regarding his inability to see the factory farms, I'll just say, I'm sure our friends at Minnesota Land Stewardship Project would be happy to help their Senator see a little more clearly.

Finally, I can't remember who, but earlier someone referenced the 2002 debate in the Senate. Apparently the debate lasted 4 weeks, 245 amendments were considered, and 19 roll call votes were taken.

Tell me it's not so.

Update: Senator Grassley, speaking in support of his payment limits bill, alludes to a vote on Dorgan-Grassley that "will happen sometime in the next 24 hours." Which is why you should act right now if you haven't already.

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