Lyons, Nebraska

The Center for Rural Affairs was founded in Walthill, Nebraska in 1973 by employees of the the Goldenrod Hills Community Action Agency. Read more about our history here, here and here.

In 2004, the 30th anniversary of our founding, the Center moved to a new modest headquarters in the small farming community of Lyons, Nebraska just 16 miles down the road from Walthill. We invested in a new, accessible, state of art building on Main Street. To us the new building and our program speak volumes about our history and our future. We are in rural America for the long haul, and we intend to stay.

The population of our Northeast, Nebraska home is 963.

The Homestead Act was responsible for the Lyons community. The community was started by the Lyon, Everett and Fritts families. Nearly all of the pioneers or someone in their family was connected with the Civil War.

The first industry in Lyons was a brickyard. The first school was held in a back room of Josiah Everett’s farm house in the fall of 1868. In 1881, Franklin Everett built a bank, the first bank in the settlement. The first railroad had reached Lyons by this time as well.

After the arrival of the railroad in 1881, prosperity seemed assured and incorporation followed in 1884. Much of the community, including streets are constructed of brick due to the large amount of clay found locally.

In addition to being the home of the Center for Rural Affairs, Lyons is also home to the renewable energy company Nebraska Screw Press and the accompanying Nebraska Renewable Energy Association.

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