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Bringing the Farm Back to School

Children across Nebraska are back in school, mourning the loss of summer, and probably unenthused about their school lunches. But there might be something new on the menu, thanks to a Nebraska Farm to School pilot program that more than a dozen Nebraska schools are partaking in, some students will forego the same old cafeteria fare, and enjoy fresh and locally sourced produce.

The Science Behind Planet Earth’s Atmosphere

Summer is hotter than winter, right? Ever wonder why summer is warmer than winter, and why Phoenix is hotter than Fargo? The answer to both of these questions, of course, has to do with how much heat is coming into the atmosphere, and how much is going out.

The sun’s rays are much more directly overhead in the summer because our side of the Earth is pointed towards the sun and less directly overhead in the winter. Likewise, the sun’s rays in Phoenix are more direct over a longer part of the year, so it is warmer than Fargo.

October Is National Farm to School Month

On September 11, 2014, Nebraska Governor Heineman will sign a proclamation initiated by the Center for Rural Affairs declaring October 2014 as the state's Farm to School Month. Political figures across the state will be invited to sit at lunch tables and join in a meal with students.

The proclamation reads: “THEREFORE, the state of Nebraska declares October as Farm to School Month, recognizing the nutritional, academic, and economic opportunities local food and school partnerships provide for Nebraskans.”

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